Our 35th year creating a love of volleyball in Chatham-Kent youth!


Here's a look at some of the past athletes who have attended Volleyball Kent Camp, and some of the accomplishments they have had throughout their volleyball careers:

Adam Kaminski - University of Alberta Volleyball Team, Mens Provincial Team, Canadian Men's National Team, Professional League (Slovenia)

Melissa Bartlett - Hillsdale College Volleyball Team, Womens Provincial Team, Canadian Women's Junior National Team, Professional League (Spain)

Katherine Jones - Hillsdale College Volleyball Team, Women's Region 3 Team

Matt Koehler - University of Toronto Volleyball Team

Racheal Urquhart - Arkansas Tech University Volleyball Team, Womens Provincial Team

Katie Poredos - Virginia Intermont Volleyball Team

Marcia Theisen - University of Pittsburgh Volleyball Team, Women's Provincial Team, Professional League (Spain)

T.J. Braithwaite - Laurier University & Niagara College Volleyball Team

Devon Blain - Hillsdale College Volleyball Team

Cameron Bartlett - Ryerson University Volleyball Team, Mens Provincial Team

Laura Cobb - McMaster University Volleyball Team

Derek Lapp - Laurier University Volleyball Team, Mens Provincial Team

Laura Merritt - Laurier University Volleyball Team, Women's Region 3 Team

Greg Houston - Laurier University Volleyball Team

Jillian Fantuz - University of Windsor Women's Volleyball Team

Greg McDonald - Ryerson University Volleyball Team, Men's Provincial Team

Julia Corrente - Algonquin College Volleyball Team

Meghan Jamieson - McMaster University Volleyball Team, Region 3 Womens Team

Megan Walls - Fanshawe College Volleyball Team

Jordan McTavish - Fanshawe College Volleyball Team

Brenna Youlton - University of Charleston Volleyball Team

Sarah Dolsen/Davis - Lakehead University

Trevor Hamilton - University of Guelph

Jaclyn Merritt - University of Windsor

Laine Poirier - University of Windsor